About me (Producer/DJ)

I learned my first salsa steps in 2005. At that time the music didn't appeal to me much. Over the years I stayed active in dancing, improving my knowledge of the dance as well as the diverse music. It wasn't long until I started listening to a lot of Salsa in my free time. Also, after a few years I started collecting music as well as teaching dancing. The preference for Latin-Jazz Salsa, Salsa Dura, Guaguanco, Mambo, Cha-Cha, Boogaloo clearly mark my path through the Latin world: In 2015, together with Janine Pfister, the DuoMimo was formed, where we danced our first show "Lucero". Another three shows followed until the pandemic in 2020. www.duomimo.ch In 2017 we started to organise first small events. The first DJ sets by me were played. Since then I have been playing regularly at our events.

In 2018 we founded the association SalsaOn2Happenings in Uster (Zurich) and one year later we took over the MamboSwiss from Ramy Hasan. Since then we have been organising many events in the Zurich area. We are proud creators of the Chocolate-Mambo-Marathon, the MamboTime Salsa-Party in Zurich and some more. www.salsaon2.ch In 2021 I started in a small Salsa band in Zurich (Mambo-Chillis) as a bass player. Apart from that I play some guitar, conga, small percussion (clave, guiro), cornet and piano. All a bit but nothing really.

Also 2021 I started reproducing music. Some with the idea to better understand the structure and construction of the music. Some, however, mainly because the music was very badly recorded in the early years, great music, but not playable at salsa parties because of the music quality: MimoMusic was the result.

With the know-how about the music I quickly started to write the first own composition "RoofTopMambo". Suitable for our SalsaParty above the roofs of Zurich.

In 2022 the first CD release (blue-purple) in October at the MamboTime. Depending on how the music sells and I get invited as a DJ, I have more or less resources to expand or improve my music portfolio. Will you support me on my way?


Mathias Mettauer
Alpenblickstrasse 24
CH-8610 Uster

Tel/Signal/Telegram: +41792009277